The Theological School of Patmos

his educative Institution was founded by deacon Makarios Kalogeras in the year of 1733. During Turk’s domination the School of Patmos developed a preponderant activity about revival of the Greek Nation. The great men of the contemporary history of the Greek Nation were the most students of the Patmos School. The Associates of the “Philiki Heteria” (patriotic association), the most important Emmanuel Xanthos, Demetrios Tsesmelis and the great Master of Greek educative development Adamantios Korais, the Oecumenique Patriarch and martyr of the Greek Nation Gregory V, the Patriarch Anthimos I and other eminent men, all of them have attended the School of Patmos.
Convent of Zoodochos Pigi (Source of Life)
It is for women and is located to the SE of the Monastery of St. John. It was founded in 1607 by the Patmian religious monk Parthenios Papakostas. It is a specimen of a pure insular sanctuary and the second largest cluster of buildings in the island. Inside the monastery are two churches. One is of Zoodochos Pigi and the other of St. John. Both are ornamented with icons of Byzantine style (17th century). There are also cells for the nuns and the guests that complete the group of buildings of the monastery which by its white color enhances the magic of the landscape that surrounds it. The monastery is surrounded by courts bright of flowers.


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  1. orthodoxmichael

    Patmos is beautiful. I have relatives near there.

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